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Hah Hah! THEY Own The TV But YOU Choose The Channel!

  You watch whatever damn show you want. A mystery, a thriller, a drama. Is this show a winner or does it bomb? The script, is it short or is it long? Can each scene start with music and a song? Should this part be serious or maybe fun? C’mon, touch that dial and let […]

It Ain’t Waterboarding If It’s Doctor Pepper

I’m strong but I can’t do shit. Can you help me out a bit? See, I got some sassy soda. The kind they downan hold ya Tilya tells a littoh story. Better not be boring. Cause this sleep without snoring. Maybe without morning. Barry      

How Wonderful Daily Pain

  When eyes crack open The dawn of day Begins the method You will pay For existence. It ain’t free. And it’s not all that you can be. Let life flow and you will see that Shit can go downhill fast. Barry

If Fear Catches Me

  He didn’t want to be But he was, alone. Even his third man factor had gone. The wind bit his face. Dawgs on his arse. Getting was good but the good was sparse. Damning the torpedoes. Ziggin’ on the zag. Climbin’ out the box when it isn’t his bag. Barry

Fellow Herdling

  No one gives a shit about you. They DON”T! They DON”T! They DON”T! Like the heart could care less about the gall bladder. Take it out, it can go to hell! Like the nasal passages care about lungs… They DON”T! They DON”T as well! Like the fingernail cares about snot… Okay, it does, if […]

Life Has Filler

It ain’t icing all the way down. There’s bread like stuff Below and around and Just below that What can be found? Another thick slab of icing! Thank you, friend. Barry out.    

All He Ever Wanted Was A Little Em-Pie-Ah

Hey, who goes there?! Better not be you… Cause if it ’tis Then who dat is Runnin’ all dat show? Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Oh Ya Mister Who Knows Best

It’s just a nickel for every skinned knee. A dime for every skinned nose. For a dollar it’ll snap your femur. Buck fitty get you two ‘o doze. Maybe break your back for a Hunny dollah stack. Or bust your balls in a thousand buck smash.  Whichever scars you choose Experience won’t loose. You’re paying […]

Nothing Is As It Appears And Even That Seemed A Little Off

Santa doesn’t wear his suit Every day of the year. Sometimes Santa works like an elf, Other times drunk on beer. Sometimes Santa let’s shit pile up Out in the reindeer barn, Santa has been known to argue with his missus, And drunk he says fuck not darn. Yep, the story of life is a […]

And Wee, Wee, Wee, Went The Little Pig. Even At Home.

Looking at the fall of Barry. Whispered to myself. Please don’t let me wind up here… Two old chairs and twenty four Luckys. Mama don’t cut yer hair. I like it stringy. Don’t stop smokin’ ’em Lucky Strikes. Lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky. And bingo, keep going, with everybody knowing, That you dab your way […]

Why Use A Bolt Of Lightnin’ When A Big ‘Ol Boat Will Do?

Something doesn’t like too many pieces Playing on the same board game. Too many Playas on the old Itanic, Dog paddle inna tux look lame. But what ya gonna do when Gravity knows you well and Then your lucky star swings by? Well, you jump overboard afore The whole damn horde, drawing Fire to your […]

Expectation Theory Works When You Don’t Want To

Someone pounding on your door. DON’T ANSWER IT! Someone ringing your phone. LET IT RING! Someone scratching at your window pain. Someone knows you’re at home! My god it’s just you alone! With your thoughts. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

How Assholes Cope

Jesus Christ people are stupid. They’re stupid and ignorant And ignorant of being stupid And oh how that works for the assholes! They glare at you meanly. Gesture obscenely. Say nope so serenely. Just like you mattered. Right after they’ve shattered Your dreams about ladders And climbing to the top. Asshole says stop and You […]

Get Fucking Angry!

Dude was upset way beyond pepto. Shit was roiling deep inside. He needed to take a dump in reality’s mouth. Needed to holler bitch open wide! Old mind fried. Time to decide. Who takes this ride. Along with him. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

How Will You Not Get Cancer?

Breathin’ in poison down by the boondocks. Choppin’ legs offa recently killed hogs. Keep ona runnin’ cain’t ya hear ’em dawgs? Hidin’ ain’t an option til we’re covered in fog. A fog of our very own makin’. Thank you, friend. Barry out.    

Sports Ain’t Rigged. Elections Aren’t Fixed And The Check Is In The Mail.

Yes sir,  Ah believe it’s true! A little bitta love each day will do. Just a smidge of love, A pinch of love. A playful glance of love will do. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Pretend We’re Not Pretending

Halt! Who goes there? The fire stickman said. But all that slipped outa No man’s head was Look I got my hands up! Doan shoot me Fred… I’m barely alive but I still ain’t dead. Plus, see? I’ve got my hands up. Thank you, friend. Barry out.    

Hell Hath No Dull Moments

These characters scheme and Dream their schemes and Pretend they walk asleep. They look sly Not eye to eye And broadcast a feeling creep. They don’t keep appointments. They won’t say no time. They just call in the night’s wee hours Always on your dime. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

The Challenges Shall Not Me Out

Motherfucker was beside himself. Couldn’t take another minute. He could in a minute change this view To one without him in it. There no hurting. No crying too. There just a man and What he can do. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Ya Chi

Something to trip over Before the tripper tripped. You go ahead and flip over That shit which you just flipped. Ma’am I am your chain. Missus I will gain. Your favor Naa-vor. If I let you reign. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Containers Of Power

Where he points, His point anoints. He nods and plotters Plot. Glances at the net to spot What if anything they caught. Nada. Now, he averts his gaze. They all feel so mighty dazed. Dude, bring us back our glory! Thank you, friend. Barry out.      

Replace Habits With See Stems

You didn’t do it. It wasn’t you. You were asleep, ya? Couldna been you! You’re not like that. That ain’t how you think. That would only happen After too much to drink. And what do you think…? Ima souse?! Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Fuck You I Make Mistakes

You have a hobby. It’s called denying. This ain’t about you. Deny…? Like lying?! I must be joking. I’m fucking joking. Ya better say you’re joking! Right fucking NOW! Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Absolute Power Leaks Absolutely

You there deciding my life. How’s your stack of strife? Are you acting right? Are you really nice? Will you think at least twice Before you ice my life? Or could you actually care less… Thank you, friend. Barry out.    

Jesus, How Perfect Ain’t!

Dreams are uncontrollable. They flip and flop in no time. And dreams care less if you’re happy or sad. Dreams only care that you’re buying. You’re buying this shit! It don’t come for free and Whatever you don’t buy isa Waiting to see … Who’s watching? Who’s hurting? Hurting to be In dream time, Without […]

Professional Stomach Churners

Where you bin? What your game? This here picture ain’t the same As the picture you’re presenting now. Where you from holy cow! Are you polite? Say good morning / night? Better get these right Or a checkmark dump your luggage. Eye contact. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

What Doesn’t Kill Me Is Trying To

Line up against that wall. Show your DNAye. If’n it ain’t your long chain type Say Bye ‘n bye ‘n bay. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Thirty-Nine Seconds In Cancun

Oh tequila! How I pray to thee. You make me big And make me small. Just who I want to be. Oh tequila! You drive alive. Enhance my dive. I underwater you. You overhead. Make me feel dead. And then to life you free! Oh tequila! I look but you find me. I start afraid […]

Problem Solving Skills Birthed From Blood, Sweat And Tears.

Shit storms don’t end they Just let up for a bit. And if you are the talented type You can sneak between the shit Droplets squiggling down life’s pane To pool in hot hissy fits again. Watch that puddle. Watch your mouth. Stem bad words as They come out. No umbrella. No rain hat. Just […]

Meef Irst

He couldn’t even say it. It would fill him too much up. There was nothing to run over. There weren’t no goddamn cup. He was a tube-a. Shit fell through him. Thank you, friend. Barry out.