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The Lord Can’t Help

There’s a line you must not cross. Avoid at any cost Crossing that line, thinking I’ll be fine. You won’t, and you’ll be lost. That wolf right there. Smiling in that chair. I say don’t dare Run with him. He’s a sinner, boy And he takes great joy Hearing little girl screams When the screaming […]

Bullets, Booze And Body Bags.

Changing up timelines with her thunderstick. Break a family unit, do it gun-smoke quick. Bag a little whine at a sliding safety click. This is just my job man, I ain’t sick. Me? I’m just a number. Just a finger on a trigger. Scared of the darkness, ya. Noises make me bigger. I am here […]

If You Live To A Ripe Old Age, Maybe You’ve Lived Too Long.

Man, you know it all now. Can’t nobody tell you. Your mind is all made up. Made up. Nothin’ left to make up. Make up. Your maybe’s are outa luck. Barry Your an A Hole when your Amygdala is missing!   The Humor HELIX Uploaded on Nov 11, 2010 The Humor HELIX This short video […]

The End Of The Second World War Was Not The End Of The Second World War

Jesus I wish you could see this Let’s remember the fallen. And what they fell for… Barry

See, Our Brains Hada Buncha Control Rods And One Of Those Rods Was Songs.

Oh say can you see? No, you can’t. ‘Cause your mouth is wide open, Ears lyrically closed then Thinking heads south at speed anthem. Erect and don’t waver. Better yet, raise a lighter. Or sup on your share of contemptment. Thank you, friend. Barry out.    

People Soon Were Not Impressed

Ah today comes. This day when shit hits The me fan me fan. Where dreams burst and A brilliant future gets Washed away in the Shit storm shit storm. Thankyou, friend. Barry out.

Where Fans Be There Be Shit

Nothing needs a balance. Some rep near the tipping point. Cause when nothing bowls you over Topsy turvy rocks the joint. It won’t be gotten. A knowing gone rotten. So verboten. It hurts. Thank you, friend. Barry out.    

Cringeworthy C’MON!

Ha! Look at the doof! Stupid doof in a cage. Why’nt you act your age? Victorian not new age. How really much of a sage Are you? Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Look Mister Fixet! Amirror!

You can call me names. You can play your sames. Just remember it’s your life you’re spending. I’ve done my time. Soaked in sublime. Dropped a drip of whine. It’s time I push my big ol plunger down Ah make a whirlysquirrely What’s your hurry? Friendamine pantomime. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

This Ain’t The Real World

Doors closed. Doors opened. Doors barred and still kicked in. Doors open but not by choice. Doors open for one of the boys. Doors opened by photos. Doors opened by clandestine recordings. Doors opened by Benjamin Franklins. Doors opened by embarrassment. Doors closed by shame. Doors closed by strange noises. Doors open out of habit. […]

Anyone Can Drop The Dime Lady

Would you turn out? To turn me in? Would you snip the hair On my chinny-chin chin? Or wouldja go beserk? And let our bloodline thin? How can you win? This win’s not sin? I can’t even begin To understand you. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Auntie Social Or Uncle Social. Who Dude Gonna See?

An innocent kid was crushed today. Crushed by the wait for love. Crushed cause he didn’t get enough. Crushed by the push and shove. Auntie don’t make that soup. Today. Auntie don’t make that soup. Okay? Uncle, take that boy away… Thank you, friend. Barry out.