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The Trials Of Lefty

You hit your hand on the goddamn door. Kicked the damn cat across the goddamn floor. Kicked up a fuss when you knew there was no Need to be an ass, but an ass you were. Acting like you’re the only person who cares Threatening and frightening your single yard stare. Sad little baby, everybody’s […]

If You Can’t Duck Roll With The Poonches

Your shit smells okay to you. You think that you never do Anything wrong but friend, You do. You are putting the screws to you No one screws you like you do! Silly. Sally. Billy. You. Makin’. Daily. Poo. Poo. Then step in it, Like you do!

Move Ahead A Little Every Day Cause God Stops Before You

They needed daze off. Couldn’t stay on. Feet might move but the Back was gone. Curiosity? They had none. Needed a break. Say they’re done. But they ain’t done. Onna run. No fun. Grrr some. Undone. God, you gotta fend for yourself! Barry

I See You’re Traveling With Pain Man

  He didn’t feel when he was younger, he DID. He didn’t think when he was younger, he SAID. Amygdala what? when he was younger, Hey, the pressure he was under, Was it really any wonder Trippin’ hard from blund to blunder, That he cast his eyes asunder Cause life finally had his number And […]

When Your Stride Hits Don’t Hit Back

Sweet Jesus let me reap from grumble garden. Every goddamn problem in its own row. I’ll weed ’em and water ’em and Pick ’em when I oughta then Plant ’em upside down To reap what I sew. Thank you, friend. Barry out.    

Whoa, Whoa, Whoa! Slow On Slowah! Don’t Keel Yerself So Fast!

Everybody goes to whence they came. On this here ride,  everybody pays the same. But they don’t play the game As long. Ya pays just for gettin’ in. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Angry On It’s Belly Dude Had Defeeted

Most folks are cool. They have it to lose & others lose it on them. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Mother You STAY!

Most folks don’t hear. They might listen all right but they don’t HERE. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Wrongaholic Twelve Steps – Step 4: Who The Hell Are You?

What in the world were you thinking?! If you’ve ever heard this apprehensive question and at least somewhat understood the reason it was asked, you will easily be able to grasp today’s intriguing subject as we investigate the perplexing human condition of multiple personalities. But even if you have never considered how a person can […]

Wrongaholic Twelve Step Program – Step 3: Grab The Cosmic Bull by the Horns

Our ability to sense causality is an awesome human capacity. You and I possesses the same incredible talent of inference that reveals itself when expert wildlife trackers confidently decipher footprints in the Savannah or in the deft manner which a craftsman furniture maker engages the wood grain in a prized slab of timber. Every truth […]

Wrongaholic Twelve Step Program – Step 1

  Send Yourself a Signal Hello, my name is Barry Williams and I am a Wrongaholic. Never heard of us? Well, a Wrongaholic is a person, animal or thing which is resistant to admitting it / they make mistakes. This inability to assume credit for misdeeds allows bad ideas to start and wrong concepts to […]