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The Long Road Is Bumpy Right Here

You want to cut our buddy out. Just knockin’ the idea about. I should really give our buddy a shout. But I won’t. Cause the eruption of corruption Is a parta our DNA. And you may think that you’re thinking this, You’re not, so let it go. Okay? Everybody starts with sand in their soup. […]

Eye, To Put The Truth In Pop Music…

Ten billion times. Like Justin Bieber does. Justin rocks the world. Justa bad boy scrapin’ fuzz. Off his cheeks and flapping fitties Fo’ a fuy dollah happy pack. An doan git hooked ona fitties yo, Justin got hisself a big ol’ stack. An we’ll have no talk of philosophy. ‘Bout who be you an who […]

The Howlers Hush

You lay don still naw. Ima map at brain. Find out jis haw naw. Is brain git lame. Maybe not yer brain naw. Eess somethin’ same. Watch at, watch at naw. You goan git tame. Thank you, fried. Barry out.  

Fuck You Are An Idiot

One pleasant word. With the right intonation. A fucking pleasant word! Is this too much to mention?! A fucking pleasant word… Thank you, friend. Barry out.

The Mindless People Steal

It’s your mind. You can’t make it up. I wait behind you, Feelin’ a wee bit gruff. I’d like to tell you, That you’ve had enough. But I say nothing. I know you got it tough. CAUSE THAT’S WHAT STUPID FUCKERS GET! ENJOY! Thank you, friend. Barry out.  


You smashed grandma’s van. S’okay. Hit a car wash hard. S’okay. Forgot, didn’t think to mention it. S’okay. Now you’re too sick to work. S’okay. Afraid of what might be said. S’okay. And maybe you’ll wind up dead. S’okay. Cause gee ma no longer sees red. S’okay. And we no longer see red… Long as […]

Don’t Eat That Elmer, That’s Horseshit.

Creepy travels far and fast. Packaged in a stare that lasts and lasts. Hide yourself from here and fast. Oughta give that creep a blast. Oh, wait a minute. He’s blind. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Two Shits Passing The Night

There’s a bump in the road. A million or more. Holes in the hardtop, And animals, lord! The lines go all missing. Whitenoise still hissing. Blissfully pissing You off. You can’t do this, can’t do this. Can’t do this no more. But look! There in the distance! Ignoring resistance asking Peaceful existence can you Curtail […]

I Know My Place And Yours Too

Maslow had a hierarchy. You’ve got one too. Put some at the top and On the bottom put you. C’mon make a leg of yourself! Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Hello Fellow Body Snatcher

Your clothes are more you than your body. Your clothes won’t attack you. Won’t make you feel sad. Clothes won’t make you cry Every time you get mad. Your body needs a friend. It hopes that is you But if you won’t be friendly then it’ll Do what friends do. Drop you like potato Too […]

Everything Has A Sound Barrier

You’re this tall, that’s it. Your guts a ball. Tough shit. You canna change it. Not today. That is, until you say… I’m gettin’ fat feet’n Ats okay. Thankyou, friend. Barry out.

Know Yer Funnels

Eye, you’ve got shit flyin’ in. Shit from every angle. Do ya see where it’s flyin’ in from? Thousand cow burgers. Three dollar water from they’ll Never sell damn water and This shit here, it never Goes outa season! Thank you, friend. Barry out.

1 F.I.H.

One foot in heaven. One foot in hell. One stings at’s true. The other well… It’s a long, long story. Too long to tell. But if you have a minute Hep ya remove at spail. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

People Are Not Human

You know thyself. At least know of thyself. And know of others. And know they don’t. Know themselves. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Guts And Brains

Your stomach wants you to eat. Feet say sit on down. A healthy you says With this nose, Ima be a goddamn clown! Thank you, friend. Barry out.

You And Your Body Are Two Beings

He pointed at the alien. The alien pointed back. He frowned. It frowned. He ‘magined hurt. Lashed out so The mirror cracked. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

The Boss Wasn’t Always

Today they look right at you. You are a movie star. Respect and attention, you’ve got it. You know just who you are. But then come the smarter than people. They kept you up at night. You praised them and smooched them And coochy-cooed them, Now it don’t feel so right. It’s humble pie… Take […]

Facination? They Had None.

Huh … said the dog. Wow! Said the cat. Lookie! Said the bird To the humans not looking back. All the people slept with Their eyes wide open. Forget about causation, Correlation was token. So sleep man, sleep. Enjoy a slumber unbroken. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

You Stay The Hell Away From Me, Y’hear?!

Voice mail he don’t do. Don’t send any letters. Your cards and notes of well wishing Go to dumpster diving bet getters. Keep your waves of greeting in check. Tip your hat just to scratch your head. If you see me, look away. Amuse yourself. And remember what the bad man said. Thank you, friend. […]

All Things To All People? Divide Your Happiness By A Million.

She said yes, she could. He said sure, he would. They smiled and said yay good! It’s settled. You’ll be this for me. I’ll be he for thee. Then the world will see. Us happy. We’ll act like it’s okay. We’ll fake the day away. So everyone will say. They’re happy. But inside fractured glad, […]

Rehabilitation Complete

Sumbitch was a model prisoner. He ain’t take nor make no shit. Added two and two and try as he do, Could never get five from it. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Once The Army Went Through There Was Shit Worth Picking Up

They lined up for their badges. With this one came a truck and cage. A rod and noose manager for animal rage. This one got a knife and a heady – head light, And tonsa tiny pills to help the wearer sleep at night. The last badge assaulted freedom so it traveled witha weapon, The badgeless stayed in […]

You Think I Do This For Me?!

He hadda giva guy shit. Hadda lean on him a bit. So the beggar wouldn’t quit. Bet he didn’t know it. Buddy didn’t do it for himself naw. Thank you, friend. Barry out.      

The Cattle Moo On Mooving Day

Oh anticipation, where art thou? Cantcha tell where this is headed? They form belowed lines and some double back, Destination still Fort Dreaded. Thank you, friend. Barry out.    

The Fool They Take Me For

No, he ain’t doin’ that. He ain’t goin’ there. He won’t say no. He just don’t care. Pretends he don’t hear. Pretends not to see. The bugger let’s world be, world be. Thank you, friend. Barry out.    

Know You Don’t

Let go of who you are Right now. Let go of who you are. You will be who you Are not. You’ll not be who you are. You’ll not. Then think this newbie’s thoughts. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

The World Is My Mother I Shall Not Want

Eat these things made of dirt He said. And make yourself out of dirt. He said. But beware of dirt, Piled dirt can hurt. And don’t play in school clothes neither. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Yabutt Can You Be Yourself?

These people needed him to like them. He didn’t, and he told them so. They’d call him mean and nasty. He’d have to stop them with whoa, whoa, whoa! His eyebrows bushed as if they’d pushed A hairy button nobody saw. He’d look ’em square, Right in the peepers. Grip ’em by the shoulders with […]

Dad I’ve Got Your Shirt On

First you were a shyster. Then born again christian. But that dad thing had you baffled. Like hugs with strangers raffled For a buck to add some sand into the stew. God was just your partner and a Partner should know when to Keep their p’s a little closer to their q’s. Shush now daddy’s […]

And Wee, Wee, Wee, Went The Little Pig. Even At Home.

Looking at the fall of Barry. Whispered to myself. Please don’t let me wind up here… Two old chairs and twenty four Luckys. Mama don’t cut yer hair. I like it stringy. Don’t stop smokin’ ’em Lucky Strikes. Lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky. And bingo, keep going, with everybody knowing, That you dab your way […]