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Nonsense Hiding

We don’t lie. Not this guy. Nor do I. And we don’t protest too much. We’re not out of touch. You can’t call our bluff. You two ain’t so tough. Silly Dunning and Kruger…

Two Seconds

Fuck that was close! Too damn close… One curiosity is all it takes Then, oh then, baby We ain’t fakes. We be the real thing. Swangin’ from a neck swing. Bells going ding ding In the minds of others. If I had my druthers, I’d druther be with you, I’d druther we drove through, I’d […]

Goddamn The Envelope Pusher Man

Son-of-a-bitch would not leave Well enough alone. He’d improve this. Upgrade that. Like a dawg huntin’ for a bone. There was no Wait! Hold the phone! Ifa need be, go it alone. Nothin’, nowhere to atone. A lonely man. With the only hand. Clenched tight upon life’s rudder. He knew there was no other. If […]

He Only Broke The Sound Barrier When He Had Shit Worth Hearing

Keep your lips shut. Eyes open. Shit gets real. When we stop hoping. That the stink blows through us. Not us, away. And the skies turn blue, Sunny and say Why not everybody come outside And play? Not today. Today we stay Inside, with these thoughts.

Know Your Heroics Beneficiary

Hello chump. Why’nt you dump All your goodness on me. Then I be free of Responsibility uh. For I have thee uh To count on.

Dance to The Government Lingo!

Do you cha-cha-charge? Or do you run away? Stay up all night or? Sleep all day? That’s for them to know and You to say Excuse me, May I have another bowl, please? Can I have it if I ask upon my knees? Could your answer be affirmative in degrees? Or does it matter what […]

The Rights You Give To God

What matters is your color. The pigment of your skin. Your intent, the place, the time of life. Matters not pal, it’s your skin. You’re a comfy looking couch filled with rocks. A mechanical bird that talks. A bud thats mostly stock. A color, that’s what you are.

The Prisoner Of War Camp Looked Like Normal Houses

If you’re gonna have a battle Better choose sides because The long march will start and Nobody rides. Keep your head low. Take it nice and slow. Weapon up and go. Hide in the brushes. Hang up in the trees. Watchin’ all the soldiers Pillage as they please. Horror by decree. They won’t let us […]

No Go Popo

You don’t call nine one one To get help from anyone The mother told her son One truthful morn. The kid, he had been born To a mom with loads of scorn. For the Popo’s tootin’ horn. Oh, they were this and that. Which was mostly crap Cause they were just good at Fooling, and […]

When Lucifer Hollers “Quittin’ Time!”

You had deadbeats missing deadlines. There were dead leads makin’ no finds. Talkin’ deadpan, this ‘ol red man. From his own land. He removed. He moved and moved and moved. Til he had no more to lose. Then a big voice said. Ginger, look ahead. So he did, with dread. Because ahead, ol’ Red saw […]

Walking Like Vito Rizzuto. You. Mother. Fucker.

Shoulders back. But not so far, That you look like walking shoulders back. Smile when necessary, not before. Let the others look around, While you watch the door. You stay standing when they hit the floor. Double tap the lallygaggers. Doubly seals the deal. Mark your friend on just one finger. Just one friend who’s […]

Yera Hill Billy

Drank his pail full every day. Boyz around him dun the same. Drankin’ to them weren’t no game. Not to drank would be so lame. Juss stay quiet. Take the blame. Then we do it all again. Wearin’ that Haira Dog coat.

You Are Biased About Your Biases

Fucking buddy had no clue. And no clue about his cluelessness. His mint intellect was so damn useless. Life was a rained out bluesfest. Cause and effect had left the building. In their wake, they left no inkling. No Aha! and no eyes twinkling. The lights weren’t on. Nobody was home. Buddy was outback all […]

Losing Your Balance

A very certain Amount of glue. Is required to Keep you as you. Cause you don’t want to play the fool. Stayed in school. Acted cool. But cool is not the real you. You cowtow to This broken thing needing glue.


You don’t know how good you have it. Y’Ain’t bin swore at. Hair pulled. Arm bent. Threatened. Y’Ain’t bin punched. Y’Ain’t bin slapped. Y’Ain’t bin cut. Y’Ain’t bin kicked. Lied to. Stomped on. Spat at. Knocked out. Pounced on. Y’ain’t bin shat on. Y’Ain’t bin moved around… Creeped at. Moron… You don’t know how good […]

CommonSensically Atrophied

You don’t have two fucks to give. You just live Your life as if You’re surrounded by womb. Fed via shiny spoon. Gonna fall down go boom. Then you gonna cry. Say why me? Why…? We just sigh And ask why we try When you don’t.

He Spoke In Cycles

Dude pointed out And there was no doubt It was the same shit, Different day. There was just no effing way. This could be the same damn play. But it was. It was. It really was…


Water thirsty guzzle, guzzle. Thirsty thereby quenched. Beer thirsty guzzle, guzzle. Thirst drenched but never quenched. Fighting ’til yer stenched. In yer own sweat and Yer own piss But that ain’t nuthin’, No, nuthin’… this… Whiskey thirsty, guzzle, guzzle. Leapin’ beads of shotgun muzzle. Guzzle burns the house a-fuzzle. Torches towns, sets fields ablaze. Whiskey […]

Companies CANNOT Care About You

You thought Santa existed. The Easter Bunny was real. You think that votes are all counted. Voting levels the field. You bet that they like you lots. You accomplish! You say… But these folks don’t have Two shits to give… Sure, they’ll ask if you go away. Where’s whatcha-ma-callit? Are they on the clock? Are […]

Real As Jesus

If I swears to God Dat me an’ A-rod. Is off dah dope… Cause we say nope. To swangin’ rope. Like Lance Armstrong. When shits this real, You gotta know dah deal Is to finish up as fast as U can. U cannot be an also ran. Gotta run yer own clan. Gets ta be […]

Living A Pretend Life

Say it happened. Believe it did. Swear to it and Act as if Shit was real. Because it is. Especially if invented.

We Wish It Wasn’t About Money, But Love Don’t Buy No Grub.

People care if you pay them to And they’ll keep coming back for more. But you must give praises. And you must give raises. Or they won’t re-darken your door. Smile, they will. And they’ll ask politely Is there anything else you need? And you do need something or Someone, somewhere To super, supercede. On […]

Oh, So Good At Confabulation!

Bovine skat flows from her mouth. Mincing words, whispers that shout. Not what she says but How she says it. You know, she knows She’s full of shit. Faking every bit of it. Verbal dodgeball. Hit when you fall. And buddy, she’ll trip you up.

Throwing People Under The Bus Is A Job

Did well in college. Four bedroom house. One great kid. Killed a mouse. Known as hero. Managing zeros. Buddy knows his stuff. When necessary tough. Loves his people. Kinda creep though Would sacrifice a “friend”?

To Scheme The Impossible Dream

Bias rips through these old veins. Vision blinkered, curiosity tamed. Any definition already mamed. I know who you are. Words don’t go that far. I see you see not what I see. You’ll never be free of What I think of thee. And that’s what needs adjustment.

You Just Won Six Hundred Thousand!

Off your neck. Off your neck. You could breathe much easier. If dude stepped off your neck. Off your back now. Off your back. You could walk much faster now. If dude gets off your back. Out your wallet and Out your bank. When four hundred bucks equals six hundred kay… You got lucky stars […]

You Can Jump How Many Stairs?

Look through any window. Window in this basement. Notice every footprint. You can see where they went. Peer now through this window. Into living, kitchens, bedrooms. You can see those lives unfold. Folks sorting through their ruins. Now rooftops rule the plane. The streets and distance gain Notice in your reality. Horizons crawl close and […]


You say shit because your family says it. Look at your nose. Pointed at those Same damn walls. Same cat calls. Over same falls. Same over alls. Same damn balls. Or no balls.

The Neverending Competition

Navigate like you can’t wait To get to the finsh line. Wound up to unwind. Fed up, still, you dine. Not your way, you whine. You can’t find the time. To see the obvious sublime. Because it’s inside you. Works right through you. Loves it’s Voodoo. Sees that you do What it wants to. Otherwise, […]