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My Lordy, What You Don’t Know!

You need a new sun Every four damn months. No earth better touch your water. If you’re gonna play God you Gotta get good at Doing what when you oughta. Barry  

Every Shitty Fan Is Covered In Shit And Wisdom, Depending On Where You Look.

  Jesus, I could have used your name Twenty or thirty years ago. But you ducked under Under my shadow. You wouldn’t let me know. Hung out in that fourteenth beer. Countless times drove me safely here. I asked for you, you disappeared. Back then, I could have used you. You were hidden behind if […]

Somethin’ To Cry About

Drama. You need it. Watch your levels. Barry Decriminalization before legislation ‘a half measure’: Blair Published on Dec 18, 2016 MP Bill Blair says until legalization legislation is in place marijuana requires strict regulation and that current laws should be obeyed. Subscribe to CTV News to watch more videos:

You Gotta Wait For Shit To Harden, ‘Til Then It Just Won’t Burn.

Praise a lord fer buffalo cheeps!   Life is crazy and if you ride it long enough, life will crazy you up. Life can chew you up and spit you out right now, you don’t have to treat it rough. Life’ll break your legs, bust your back and kill your eggs. It’ll cramp your goddamn […]

Why My Clan Matters To Me

I’m going down with the ship. Which means it ain’t going down. I’ll sail this beggar til she’s paid her dues, Then I’ll refund her one hundred percent. All it takes is a farely good rod man, Reeling in yesterday’s catch. Warsh it off. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Imagine God Is A Battery And You Are A Little Light

Wires man, wires. Tie a beggar down or start some Arcing fires. Weld a piece of metal Travel far some sound. Illuminate the landscape with a Motor unwound. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

No One Could See But Everyone Smelled That Someone Had Pissed In The Playground

There’s a merry-go-round anda Swing for swingers and the Monkey bar hangers eye the Rope ladder clingers. Care givers think that they know What they see but They don’t ’cause the caregivers Are many times three. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

My God Persistence

He wouldn’t shut up. Wouldn’t go away. Listened for yes. Couldn’t hear nay. Had a silly plan based on What if you can? and Dispising regret he Lived on the lam Where regret couldn’t find him. Didn’t even look and No one was missing the Time that he took. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

The Long Road Is Bumpy Right Here

You want to cut our buddy out. Just knockin’ the idea about. I should really give our buddy a shout. But I won’t. Cause the eruption of corruption Is a parta our DNA. And you may think that you’re thinking this, You’re not, so let it go. Okay? Everybody starts with sand in their soup. […]

Hang Ten On Your Own Wave

You sleep, eat and shit. Maybe not in that order. You’re you today then Tomorrow crossing borders. A father, a mother. A Kid growing up. Living out cycles that Never, ever stop. See them. Be them. And know Them all up. Then you ride your cycles To the Toppy, top, top! Thank you, friend. Barry […]

Serious Gaming

See it. See it. See the Seestem. See it’s bottom. See it’s top. See where it begins. And stops. See? You’re outside now. Where you want to be? Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Killer Curiosity

I see you’re new. Well welcome to Another view Of whom be you. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Jesus Christ! Ivan’s Dead Again!

Praise be to my god today. Circumstance led him to say Ivan can be gone away. But here he stays in The game we plays And you okays it Don’t chu? Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Mr. Gout, I Presume.

Fuck you big time my old friend. You just come to hurt me. I placate and negotiate To stop you roaming free. Why your visit? What I do? To deserve your salt In wounds anew. You scrape through. Me, I’m blue cause I want you To leave. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Expectation Theory Works When You Don’t Want To

Someone pounding on your door. DON’T ANSWER IT! Someone ringing your phone. LET IT RING! Someone scratching at your window pain. Someone knows you’re at home! My god it’s just you alone! With your thoughts. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Luke! Over Here!

Those dang magicians. They say they’re going to trick you Then they do! Astonished audiences. Devour the magic fable while sipping White gloved witches brew. They are at best confused. Which reality to refuse? The white gloves or their muse? Ah! What’s to win or lose? Just sit back now and choose To watch the […]

When Addition Stinks

Jesus you saw her comin’. Knocked a table over Opened that door. But Jesus I see right through you! Idea virus abusin’ whore. Ya you’re a scoundrel. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Sports Ain’t Rigged. Elections Aren’t Fixed And The Check Is In The Mail.

Yes sir,  Ah believe it’s true! A little bitta love each day will do. Just a smidge of love, A pinch of love. A playful glance of love will do. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

For Those Unwilling To Act Their Age

A five dollar card in a garbage can. Betcha that can wasn’t in the plan When the five dollar bill switched hands. Uh Uh. *** Don’t throw my love away man! Like my love while you can man. Doncha throw that love away! *** He put his love in a rock. Now he knows that […]

Please Lord, Not Normal!

Oh god please don’t show me the average path! Please rain shit on my daily parade! And hurl big boulders or tree-mendous problems At me if ever I stray, Away from this life of struggle, And scratching out every day. For every bit of sap I shall Squeeze from my bark and NEVER Will you […]

Just Outside In The Porch

Big life small life. Havin’ them a ball. But right outside man, terror befall. Make a no noise. Terror don’t call. Scratchin’ out the miserable Death by paw. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Captain Because

He was arrogant. A size piss ant. And his smile hung on grimace. He wore weathered skin. No original sin. And he slammed tequila with grace. People were books and By hook or crook Cappy’d lead them to this place Where hats would hang from Sun bronzed arms catching Pesos from empty space. Thank you, […]

Thirty-Nine Seconds In Cancun

Oh tequila! How I pray to thee. You make me big And make me small. Just who I want to be. Oh tequila! You drive alive. Enhance my dive. I underwater you. You overhead. Make me feel dead. And then to life you free! Oh tequila! I look but you find me. I start afraid […]

The Investment

A blow-up bed that Wouldn’t stay blowed up. Bills stacked up to the sky. Tracks in the snow not made by he And no one saying what or why. No guarantees. No mentor. Just do it till it works or There’s the door. As before. Ain’t no score To settle. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Problem Solving Skills Birthed From Blood, Sweat And Tears.

Shit storms don’t end they Just let up for a bit. And if you are the talented type You can sneak between the shit Droplets squiggling down life’s pane To pool in hot hissy fits again. Watch that puddle. Watch your mouth. Stem bad words as They come out. No umbrella. No rain hat. Just […]

Meef Irst

He couldn’t even say it. It would fill him too much up. There was nothing to run over. There weren’t no goddamn cup. He was a tube-a. Shit fell through him. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

You. Regulator.

Reality is one way. You are another. A babe of Mrs. Nature but She is not your mother. You march to a walking sound A drum beat made by feet Upon a major entity You are keen to greet. And work with. And shape. And if your marching satisfies You will soon escape. The confines […]

Your Phone Is Dead. Your Payment’s Late. What’s A Good Phone To Do?

Oh if dad were alive He’d know what to do. Dad’d know what to do. He’d start with a bitta wet wood And, A few dampish catalog pages. And gas. A bucket full ‘o gasoline! An man he’d toss that gas anda Damn matches too… Anda whole bloody thing explode! Sure ya you got your […]

Madam, If You Are Dead Stop Laughing!

Life starts. Hope it overlaps. Then it kicks your arse when Life’s the craps. But you don’t wax. Life packs unpacks. Your bags. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Micro Macro – Keep Shit Separate

Many planets. Many tribes. Many people. Many organs. Making contact. Keeper Dee Stance. Thank you, friend. Barry out.