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Three Daze

Oh you can’t be nice forever. Ain’t enough slack to cut. That smile kinda hurts on the second day When everyone’s had enough. But you, you tough it out. Close your nearly full ears. Maybe you say you’re laughing To explain those burning tears. As shit piles up. Six feet high. You wonder if you […]

The Rogue Tiger

There are people in this world Who are nicer than nice. With mouths not full of shit And hearts not filled with ice. They speak words of kindness Safety and concern. They live by their golden rule To never gouge or burn Their customers, whom love them back And promise to return. Barry


You’ve been told How things are. Now you know they’ve Gone too far. Barry

I Gotta Showya

How many times? Barry

Your Important Isn’t

  Joe woke up the other day. Woke right up and Joe did say I’m awake Holy Cow!  And that’s okay! But awake he was to what…? Awake is not enough! You gotta feel it in your gut! You’re kneeling pal, get up! See now up here. It’s three dee, hear? And now you see […]

When A Mind Is Wound Up Life Has Many Twists And Turns

Your reality isn’t real. That’s not the way to feel. Sprinkled with confusion. Speaking from delusion. Making real fear. Starting deep in here. You know something’s screwed. You are now behooved. To investigate. Navigate. Don’t you wait. Getting late and You don’t got no sense on. Barry

Gift Horse Tonsils

Hey, it’s looking at you. You look too. This here zoo Is yours. Barry

It Ain’t Waterboarding If It’s Doctor Pepper

I’m strong but I can’t do shit. Can you help me out a bit? See, I got some sassy soda. The kind they downan hold ya Tilya tells a littoh story. Better not be boring. Cause this sleep without snoring. Maybe without morning. Barry      

They Called Him Cock And Asian But He Felt Contagion

  They say you’re sixty and white. You know that sixty ain’t right. But you ain’t no fighter, More like delighter And a star shining bright through the night. They say you’re short and you’re fat. They seem to get off doing that. You think that that isn’t rat. So you identify them as spoiled […]

Cry Standing

  The dreams were driving. Driving her mad. Vision got twisted. Shit got bad. Worse damn time she ever had. ‘Til now… Barry

Sweet Jesus Inbound Is Hard

  Waitin’ on someone. Someone t’ show. When day comin’ No one know. Day don’t say. Day just go. Tinkin’ ’bout dayself. Dat fo’ sho’. Barry    

How Wonderful Daily Pain

  When eyes crack open The dawn of day Begins the method You will pay For existence. It ain’t free. And it’s not all that you can be. Let life flow and you will see that Shit can go downhill fast. Barry

Keep Your Poop Pump Primed

Shit has a way of getting old. Growing mold. Now you’re cold. Boredom is what you’re being sold. Be so bold To behold You have a mind worth clearing. Clear that clutter so you Don’t mutter there’s no reason to go on. Conclusions but forgone. Feeling you don’t belong? You don’t so keep it coming. […]

For People Made Of Money

It’s paper, fool! A goddamn tool! Rocks with a hole. A soft metal gold. A garden rake owed. A line not towed. Some seeds unsewed. Me, I whisper… Don’t look up. Cause waay up there You’re outa luck. Barry  

If You’ve Never Licked The Shit Off A Big ‘Ol Fan, Heaven Ain’t Workin’ For You.

Bad man, she had it. Bubbles on her lower lip. Better on the outside. Show your stuff. Hurtin’ be a little gift. Maybe you had too easy. Maybe it come too soon. Maybe your shit don’t stank enough. Maybe you’re early doon. Got not backbone. Got no scales. Could not save your life Through sales. […]

He Had A Problem With Authority And Authority Had A Problem With Him

  He did better on his lonesome. Crowds, he found them loathsome. Hankered to be alone some. Pointers, he needed not. Stealthy, to not get caught. Opinions unsold or bought. A pathway clearly fraught With peril. Barry  

They Were Children And Kids Who Got Bigger

Oh, Grow Up! Mother would shout. You don’t know what you’re talking about! You, smirking like that…! You should get a smack…! Just try and talk back…! You won’t sit down for a week! You and your silly damn cheek! Maybe you’ll live in the street! But until you do… You better, you… Watch it! […]

Little Man And His Mouth Full Of Gas

  So I didn’t answer you at the drop of a hat and Now you’re down, but not for that and You’ll reply with some bovine scat. Or you might just let me hang… Envy scraping your insides clean Scraping that makes you mighty mean. Might be the meanest I ever seen. If I choose […]

You Could Be A Million People

  One second later and you wouldn’t be you. The person who’d be here would stand in for you. No one would know that you didn’t arrive. You wouldn’t know you weren’t alive. It’s still the same each and every day. You might wake up but another you stays Dead. And will stay dead until […]

Intelligence, Your Mom And Daddy Made. Persistence Is Yours Alone.

  You don’t have to stop when they say stop. You don’t have to quit when they’re all done. The towel is yours to throw in or not throw in, You don’t have to walk when you must run. Their dreams aren’t your dreams if you don’t want them. Their truths ain’t your truths unless […]