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You Never Want To Meet Your Maker

Who cares who made your underwear?! Or skidmark remover gel? And whomever invented parking meters Isn’t damned all ways to hell. A million creations serve us every day Yet seldom do we ever hear the everyman say, Thank you creator, for working your clay! Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

A Priest Stole Money Then With God’s Help, Gambled It All Away.

Chance was a very big dude. Chance don’t like no takers. You believe in the god of luck? You wanna bet on the Lakers? Maybe pick red. Stay on seventeen. Chance a make a bully boy Cry like a homecoming queen. Where you buddy been? Come on, come on in! Welcome to your worlda seen… […]

Sports Ain’t Rigged. Elections Aren’t Fixed And The Check Is In The Mail.

Yes sir,  Ah believe it’s true! A little bitta love each day will do. Just a smidge of love, A pinch of love. A playful glance of love will do. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

If You Don’t Make It You Ain’t Gonna Make It

Pretend today isa whore. Pretend today wants more. Pretend today can’t get enough Don’t give her she’ll be Out that door. So quick you’re headle spin. There’ll be no need to win. Just sit on back and grin. You no planner. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

God, Canada And The National Hockey League Work For The Same Damn Guy.

You. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Dude’s Daddy Was A Spanker And Daddy Spanked With His Boots

There was no room for disagreement. Retarded was in the game. No matter how you played it The ending remained the same. You don’t talk like that now! You cannot talk back! Pal you better freeze that tongue And cut your teeth some slack! No words taken back. Looka stop you in your tracks. Fallin’ […]

For Lunch, The Corporations Ate People. Supper? The Inc’s Ate People. Snacks? The Corps Ate People.

Praugh, praugh, praugh Profit. Can’t get enough of it. Like a big damn pile of bravery medals Sittin’ in your living room. Medals taste bad even smothered in gravy. And smell a little bit like doom. Step back afore the beggar goes boom. Mama gettin’ off her broom cause Daddy takin’ back the livin’ room! […]

Can’t Remember The Future? You’re Screwed!

Plan. Work it. Go your way. Stay out the way so You can notice. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Mortar The Evil Pony

Some a dah milk go bad Worse chocolate ever bin had. Drive a chocolate lover mad. Sad. But, take’it what once bin sad. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Look For Your Map. See Where You’re Headed.

A long way away anda Long time ago, The genes wearing you bet Today would be so. They set it in play and leading Up to today in your own Special way you’ve been saying horrah To whatever may Make a path over say, Anything in the way Getting you here, today! So if you […]

They Were Stopped By Signs

He said bend and the son-of-bitch bent. Sure it was only a fender but Boy, did he bender! He said bend and nearly nothing Wasn’t bent. See some people round off to the next Person they meet. They get twisted through a single encounter. Others are the spinner. They wring things out. Like the wind […]

The Reign Of Self

Show them how to listen. Listen and watch and learn. Show them how to enjoy the sun Without suffering a bad sunburn. Show them how the wind sets sails. Show them how the wind can gale. Let them frolic in a friendly gust then Show them there’s a time to bail. Let ’em play at […]

For Those Unwilling To Act Their Age

A five dollar card in a garbage can. Betcha that can wasn’t in the plan When the five dollar bill switched hands. Uh Uh. *** Don’t throw my love away man! Like my love while you can man. Doncha throw that love away! *** He put his love in a rock. Now he knows that […]

Passport Please

He was born in Pain and that’s Where he lived. Happy as you can be in Pain. People there were so similar Ask’em, they’d say the same. They gripe and grumble and Seldom ever stumble where Pain just might be slain. They’d rather suffer and see you suffer. With a yummy frosting of complain. Thank […]

If Careless Isn’t In The Air

Oh jesus please, no, not you! Don’t tell them that you did it. It couldn’t be you! Say it isn’t true! It couldn’t be you, Could it…? Thank you, friend. Barry out.

This Wee Thing You Lift

Can’t be yourself you say. Not there now anyway. Tell me who paved the way To this destination? Oh no, it couldn’t be you! That sure damn isn’t who You are or even who Would have a halfast clue Who runs your circus! Thank you, friend. Barry out.    

Mostly What He Brought Out Was Their Dead

Makin’ or breakin’? Was what he’d ask and Dude really wanted to Collapse his blast because He wasn’t makin’ And only takin and Takin without Makin’ can’t last. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Yo Moringa

She hit her baby in the mouth Witha big piece of dirt. Kinda shaped like a carrot. That dirt musta hurt becausa Kid made a face Devoid of nace. And outa place she Faced that face with Another graced with the Very scent of heaven! Ahh, they sighed, and Therein denied they Ever needed leaven. […]

The Future Cannot Be Saved

Aim toward something. Doesn’t mean you’ll hit it. Think you’re headed for the entrance? At sign there says exit. You’re in the wrong lane. Moocho deficit fame. Off your game. They’re gonna shoot you Where you lie. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

You Are In That Space ‘Tween Mind And Body

You didn’t birth yourself and Your death will come unbidden. Your heavy heart will murder you If you always keep it hidden. Your mind will leave your body alone.  You will wander far from home, And never be found… If you fail to make the connection. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

The Cost Of Wisdom Is Utter Stupidity

Maybe you were born smart. Smarten up, you never heard. Maybe born with your mistakes made. Maybe never a discouraging word. Or maybe you were born a fuckup. Maybe you fucked up was all you heard. And maybe you broke shit so easily, What’s the big why about your word? Eye, slowing down the breakage, […]

Don’t Think About Being Your Own Bah Bah Boss

You ain’t smart enough. Or tough enough. To take the guff When they call your bluff Someone wants to see the boss. That takes some brains. ‘Cause when it rains It pours in life’s shit storm. You sink or swim At other’s whim When things look grim Who will give you that fair warning? You […]

See? But This Snake Oil Wasn’t From Snakes.

Your ancestors have shit in mind for you. You are doing what they want you to. You might get an idea and if they’re game, you do. You might want to diet but maybe they want food. Because they boo hoo’d Through a hungry winter glued To the inside of a god-forsaken Snow hut! NOW […]

Stop Trying To Change And Go ‘Round Back

People have been scared silly. And afraid to speak their mind. But few have ever been frightened enough To look behind unwind. There’s a tension in the future And a ton of it in the past. To see who twirls tension tongue You gotta get over yourself fast. It ain’t who you are And not who […]

Could Ya Warn A Pal The Cost Of Wisdom?

You must be a stupid bitch/bastard. You keep to yourself. It’s not you who saves the day. Must be some damn elf. No one needs to hear your shit. Wait till you’ve been asked. You’ve got two cents worth to give but Here they don’t do cash. Zip it. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Jesus Christ! He Had Lionel’s Genes!

Wear your loafers sole side down. Plant your feet in hallowed ground. Scream through the ages Without sound. Watch the originator will be found, Not in heaven but snuggly bound, In your shoes. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Pretend We’re Not Pretending

Halt! Who goes there? The fire stickman said. But all that slipped outa No man’s head was Look I got my hands up! Doan shoot me Fred… I’m barely alive but I still ain’t dead. Plus, see? I’ve got my hands up. Thank you, friend. Barry out.    

A Hobby Of Mental Illness

She laughed and cried. Whether baked or fried. Then honestly lied About How hard she tried To keep it all inside But the monster… It sneaks out. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Select Your Disappointment

What day will you feel dejected? What time will you experience loss? When will you bite that bullet headed Toward you now at all costs? You’re on a time line. Not your I’m fine line. A double serving of shit line. And tow it, yeah, you will. Thank you, friend. Barry out.      

Mama, Please Don’t Say That Shit Again.

Repeat away like the past never happened And everyone’s lost their mind. Mama you say shit over and over but Mama I think that’s fine. You were dead and Then I said If you return then let me burn In hell if ever I hurt you. Mama, you’re a gift and I Give a tinker’s […]