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The Fear Man

The NSA is watching me. Po po on my tail. Minister warns about Lucifer Says Jesus don’t do bail. Neighborhood watch is watching me. Tax man hinting jail. Confidant got shit to leak. My ship came in then sailed. Took a boat load of upsets with it. And endings that never end. So there it […]

Pioneerish Arrows In Your Back

Can ya take a good punch? Eat shit for lunch? Will a chest burner work For a handshake? Will ya crawl on skinned knee? Can ya cry like hee hee? Any know on how much you can take? Cause here you be tested. Bested. Redressed and Comeuppance is a smoke whiff away. You better make […]

Mister Brown’s Shadow

There’s a dent in the earth Wherever we walk and the Silence only breaks when Somebody talks and our mother Might warn us that slippery rocks But it don’t rock forever and Damn those rocks make for hard building. Barry

This Day Happens But One Time Only. Don’t Press Repeat M’Kay?

The circus is not on next week and You won’t jump again like that. Maybe you might be stuck right now but You ain’t going back. Look real hard at your ugly self You’ve never looked so good. Smile like you like to like yourself because When do you think you should? Give two shits […]

I Got Insurance Sucker! What I Need You?!

Fractionalization. One good idea at a time. Hyper loop. Seeya. Barry The Temptations – Ball of Confusion

When God Comes Back, If God Comes Back.

Jeepers, I’m gonna have a long talk to god. If god ever comes about. I’ll say who in the hell is running this place? But I’d say hell soft, not shout. And god, being god, will probably just smile Thinking I will figure it out. I might ask how, before I think But I wouldn’t […]

Assuaging Guiltski

Phone your mom. Wave at the neighbor. Send a goddamn greeting card. Give a buck to the thirsty homeless. Don’t honk at an asshole. Smile at another stupid yarn. Slow that foot afore you kick the cat. Brush by it like it’s just a step. By the end of day that shit adds up Ain’t […]

Fourteen Hour Workday Still Leave Ten A Do Nuttin’

Don’t know what you complainin’ ’bout. Sleeping ain’t alive. You got nuthin’ else a do Give a man yer life. You ain’t a usin’ it. Nothin’s what you’ll do. You ain’t toilin’ fer da man. Ain’t nuthin’ happen, true? Barry  

You Say You’re Sorry Like Sorrys Add Up

  How you manage such cynicism in your voice! Ya, you sound noice when We’ve got no choice We got to listen to your apology. But like, holy gee You cannot see That big pile ‘o bovine scat? Barry

When Everyone Is Your Enemy

You’re a witch, man! You’re a witch! You’re a bitch, man! You’re a bitch! You black! On crack! You lack The funds For even this little ‘ol Check to clear! Barry

When People Fake Quality, They Create Authentic Evil.

Good exits. Better exists. Best exists. Right now. Tomorrow best must change, Good and Better may remain but Pretend to any one of them and Painful will be thy gain. Barry

Ain’t No One Judges Me Harsh Like You Lawd

He carried his personal hell right with him. And heaven in his right front pocket. One lid heavy from the genes of burden. One wide eye bursting from it’s socket. Curious. why. no. one’s. curious. Wondering why no one’s wondering. History don’t repeat but they sure do and No. one. sees. the. blundering. He did, […]

One Man Cuts A Swath

Another man swaths a path. The next person uses that path to cart All path dwellers have. A fellow fixing wheels. Another man selling oil. A waitress moving keg to table All manufacturing toil. Because one person cut a swath And shared it. Barry

Ignore You The Excipients, Pee Off The Whole Entourage.

You know what dogs do to big wheels? he asked. I didn’t, I must confess. Dogs wash ’em with piss, and not just once. He said like piss was blessed. It is! He heard me! What the hell…? Bastard can read my thoughts?! Then my mind flashed back To all those times in Piss I […]

Decide Your Ruler

Say nice things about this god. Whom you laud. Most your attention directly on. You no pawn. Never overdrawn. You are new at every dawn and Pray you to yourself. Barry

So Much Has To Stay The Same If Big Change Is What You Want

Your tires need air and Your motor, oil. Leave your gas cap on or Your gas will spoil. Your lights light up and your Steering wheel turns. Easy on the pedal or Your rubber will burn. Combustion hasta happen or Your gears won’t spin. Muffle out explosions or Chances are slim that You’ll hear the […]

It Was A Twelve Step Program With A Hundred Steps

If god didn’t catch you The boogieman would. If santa doesn’t leave you out The easter bunny should Ignore your pleas for Colored eggs and sweets. For you, you build on your retreats. It’s only back and straight back and straight away Tomorrow’s just another today, okay? Barry

They Scared Them Silly So Silly Wouldn’t Scare Them

  The knife just ticked the edge of her head. Damn, it was great to be alive! Throw the knife mister, throw it hard! Ya hear the bees buzzing in their hive? Afraid me, mister. Make me afraid! I want to skat my pants in fear! Shock me, mister. Do me harm! Shock me here […]

Hola Monsieur Brown

I’m no bloody teacher, mister Brown. I’m a clown. New to town. I’ve been sideways and up-side down. All around. Broke the sound Barrier. ‘Cause that’s what I do. I’m through and through. A bumbling, fumbling point of view. And a shit maker. It so happens. Barry   Don’t Believe Me? Watch THIS! The Wisdom […]

If The Earth Is Turning, We Pay. If The Multiverse Turns, We Earn.

One color don’t cut it. One shape won’t work. Buddy thinks I’ll listen but He’s the jerk Who said I have to. I got no choice. Ima leave his goddamn clan. He ain’t noice. Barry  

See The Inside Edge Of Your Eyes

Step back from your head. Just one step back. See that edge and Then look back. See, there’s a back to look to. You’re snug, inside. Enjoy the ride. Try not to collide With your outside. Barry  

Your Body Is Not Yours

A house burned down. A woman survived. Her house was not her life. A man’s truck is lost. Stolen last night. The man still has his life. A game got lost. A boys head hangs. But that game is not his life. The spark of life that makes the kid Also makes the man and […]

His Majesties Freedom

I ain’t ever asked the king for shit. The king, he gave me lots. And every time the king, he want to smile. I wonder ’bout the cost. See, the king don’t smile. Less not for free. And if he smile it’s Not on thee. You’re not free To smile back. Barry  

Problems Have Two Sides

Before shits happens It looks like this. Once the rhubarb’s hit It looks like that. This can’t be seen from that. That only comes after this comes. Fact. And if ya don’t look back It just happens. Barry  

Such An Ass You Can Be Without Trying!

Ya grandma, you have sharp teeth! Your mind is dull and Your eyes are foggy but Grandma, you have sharp teeth! It’s a blister pack for you. Goddamn doctor Groves. But with damn sharp teeth And a damn mind dull, This is how it goes. Barry

Hurtful Diligence

Send me the sign of mosquito. Let the beggar want my blood. Try and steal it from me not once but thrice. Intersection intersects with a thud. Barry  

God’s Plan And Your Plan Will Meet At The Corner

Jesus, I wasn’t expecting you today. Not this way. Not okay. I was there waiting for you to say Buddy, how you want the following? You want gain? That’s pain! You want free? Hee hee! Easy? Please-ee! Power? Now we’re Getting to the crux of your matter! Barry

If You Can’t Spot The Joker, It’s You.

See that flash in the pan? That’s you. See that boy as a man? You too. Wakin’ up to change the world? Boo hoo. Maybe close your eyes and start again. Barry  

Haunted Projects

This book’s writ but Ain’t writ right. Printed words need outa sight. Editor cannot smell the plight Of an author drowning in turmoil. Barry

The Rotation Of Cuff

You don’t need to sleep tonight. Plans were changed to outa sight. Yesterday’s wrongs now maybe right. Tell me, can you turn onna dime? Barry