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Worry Wart Stew

Oh my guts! My guts! My guts! My guts! All twisted in knots Fulla if, ands and buts. Hope the whiskey mighta caught it But no, no, no… Arms wrapped tigher than punching dough. God please help me! What’d I do? Spear to the bread basket Through and through. Wiggle on the line like you […]

Hillbillies And Halfwits

Nobody took you to the cleaners. You went by yo’ seff. Zero percent. Givin’ money away. You just step off de shelf? It’s deep out here man. Swim if you can But me…? I’d stay out de water. Unless you tink ya gotta Sink or swim If shit’s so dim Shoulda stayed on land But […]

Real Is As Real Does

You are an ass. Argue if you want. That’s what asses do. Arguing asses flaunt Their zest for life. Their endless fright. Need to be right. So sweet right, right? In this world sir, I reign. Bow to my way for gain. Through contrast you stay sane. But give no quarter, Here is not for […]

Verbotenly Hot

Don’t sweat it the border. Or the hospital or a port. Don’t sweat it at the mag lev train Or you won’t get aboard. Prices got you out of sorts? Has your temper and funding grown short? It will be noted on your wreck-ord. That you are a little hottie. Go sideways with that naughty. […]

Sleep As Long As You Can Then Relax

Waking up is hard to do. Especially if that other room Is booming with a view. I mean, what’s a chile to do? Stay? Or sneak out the back way So you wake nobody up?

Real Time Mandala

Ran as slow as he could he did And the past fell apart behind him. In the present they would not find him. Always fought the good fight. Fought like hell then took flight. Saw that something wasn’t right But slowed down a little too fast. Took everything off the gas. And when time came […]

Noti Me

I’m going into space now. I’m going into space. First the air won’t fly anymore. Then flying isn’t flying. Then I can’t recall if the stars came out. And neither can the other guys. We were lost, no up or down. No protective layer of lies. The homesickness! Homesickness! Homesickness struck and we had yet […]

Interdimensional Morse Code

I felt you tapping my forearm. Flexing my bicept. Cramped my calf you fuck! Spazzed my lungs, locked my hamstring. Ankes, I couldn’t get up! The messege was loud and clear… I don’t own me. I’m for rent. I’m the renter so hellbent. On living life like this was me when interdimensionally You could tug […]

Hola Dementia!

You called me up and called me down. Said you’d prefer it if I found Another place to hang my hat. With no discussion, that was that. But only you were angry. I hid a tiny smirk. You wagged your finger. Said you’re a ringer For a jerk. You’re a jerk. A jerk! I saw […]

The Love Demander

You growl and snarl and gnash your teeth. You scratch, you bite. Refuse to eat. Denied? There’s no denying. If you could, you would be crying. But you can’t. So you whine. You say that love’s mine! And you take it from anyone. Anyone at all And if they answer And heed your call You’ll […]


When the food bank bounces Your ass out the door And the shelves are all empty Cause you’re broke and so poor That the holes in your clothes And in your story of life Begin to join up And block in any light That might brighten your path Or illuminate holes. Cause once you goes […]

Deep Shit

I saw the crap around the sphincter muscle of the belly of the beast. I saw good men go bad. I saw greed deny safety, hurt people and beat down moral. I saw murder in my brother’s eyes and he was looking at me, his disagreer. My god, I saw waste. Theft. Saw lying and […]

When All Your Shit Adds Up

Looking the other way. How is that okay? You swear an oath. You speak in code. The bad man rode beside you. Was blue but not the true blue. It’s not a color but a cover For some. The badge as a power for good Is done. The people don’t believe they’re here to serve, […]

Ruff Sets

He looked McDoglass in the eye And barked McDoglass! Why Dawg?! Why?! McDoglass sighs a little sigh Then turns them big eyes skyward. Could no more be a lie herd For tunderin’ jesus… Dare, he dare was! By gosh it’s dah manna de hour!

Stay At Homers

Oh, you people! Goddamn sheeple! You had to graze together! Do so-and-so whatever, You had to shop. You could not stop And think about the rest of us? Now no one here can ride a bus! There’s no more beaches! No more streets is Filled with people. Goddamn sheeple! Oh, you make me sick again!

When We Was Cows

Shit, remember when we bellowed and bellowed all night? Remember when bellowing wasn’t quite alright? They said you be quiet. You said you’d deny it. You do and do and do and do. They’d hafta make shit up about you. And they would, Of course But from Your horse The mask slipped on your eyes.

Jesus Would Shit His Pants

That fight ‘tween good and evil. The fight won’t stop but we will. Right in our tracks. Satan got our backs. Going there as somebody. Coming back no one. Good Dog chewin’ that too good bone. Fighting for a too good home. When really it’s the damn big loan. That keeps all of us going […]

Gimme That Big ‘Ol Stink Eye

It didn’t kill the buildings. It only worked on people. The churches, they were left intact. Bells rang in the steeple. The king took a knee and A damn long pause. Gave out more candy than Santa Claus. Someone said that sports was fixed. A man named Kobe Bryant. The beggars shut him up so […]

Bad Cop Bad Cop

The kid was lying. Plain as day. The kid’s a liar but Hey, hey, hey… Hold on a minute. Momma lies too. Papa lies and baby lies Lying little coo. Whatcha gonna do? Lie on with the liars? Tuck in like the friars? Say we’ll sell then buyer? Aren’t cha getting tired? Fraid ya might […]

They Just Stared At The Likely Infected Old Guy

It was one early, February covid day when I broke my usual silence. I was qued up with a gaggle of fellow gasoline serfs in our local co-op fuel station, collectively drifting in and out of linehood when a member attendant queried the actively waiting. “Pump number 4?” She asked without prejudice. I was pump […]

So Sweet & So Sour!

Here fishy fish fish! Hop into my kettle. No, you wouldn’t settle You goddamn nonconformist! Now you taste the bitter Of an it won’t stop no-hitter. Protesting loses power as the Sentiment of the hour Is hungry. I’m so hungry… Here, fishy fishy fish!

Tom Foolery For President

Let’s pretend you have a gun. You want fun and to find some You put boring on the run Come undone. You’re the one You say stop or we will shoot We still loot With your boot Firmly stepping on our throat. You know that we didn’t vote For you try hard to get our […]