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And Without Distraction, No Magik.

They were rabbit stuffers. Stuffing rabbits in hats. Rabbits popped out They said imagine that! Beggar pulled a rabbit Right out his hat! A few of them knew What magicians can’t do. They can’t pull a rabbit Out their ass.

For Real

Information highway. The meta Metaverse. All the same as the best real life. Only maybe, possibly, worse.

Just A Little Somethin’ To Tolerate

Strapped to a wall with No damn fall Protection. Objections? Takes a big faller who ain’t Too taller To ask which way is up? They all just answered yup! Yup to whaters? Yup to what fer? Who gonna clean dis up?

Sitting Bull Was A Great Leader So The Indian Police Killed Him

The old guy weren’t no dummy. He could see around the bend. They pushed him hard and They pushed him far but The old guy could always win. Defensive tactics. So outsmarting. Haters want him soon departing. He won’t bend his knee. Before the Little Big Horn could see. For their future to be free. […]

Free Pat King!

Dude refused to wear a mask. Vaccine? No, don’t even ask. Straight to hell and so damn fast. The entire world went with him. Honking horns in the Bays of Rigs. Uniformed cops make a wall of pigs. Bats and horses and injured victims. Cops advance to push and hit them. Canadian flags and national […]

Too Many Bites On The Feeding Hand

Yes, he said he’d help. And he wouldn’t help just himself. He’d help with the homeless. Food and clothe and god bless He’d help the rich Even if they bitch YOU DON’T DO ENOUGH! YOU DON’T TRY TO BLUFF! YOU MAKE THINGS SO TOUGH! But, enough is enough. He can’t do no more. So, he […]

Day Sick

You got a problem. You don’t like humanity. You are certain You can clearly see, You don’t like humanity. There is no free. And what free were you looking for?

My Canada

The west made east with every mile. Sod houses, beasts and country wile. We made this land and lived in style. But our cake needed icing. Needed sweetness so enticing. It sucked us all in. How could we sin? If a few died doing God’s bidding?

Mean Streakers

Buddy joined the force To stymie and stomp. Nothin’ like some back and forth A little noonhour romp. Wrench an old man to ground. Smack that young bitch to the ground. Make your horses put ’em down. Man, you are the shit! Baby, look at this! So damn tough in your uniform. Brisk with weapons […]

They Could Freeze His Account Filled With Ice

His money was in the pocket Of another pocket owner. He thought he had some assets But what he had were only loaners. His house was not his own errr, His car, he was the donor Of insurance and just by chance, Oil and gas and not so fast… You need a license, too. You […]

Slippery Steganography

Dude sent a signal Every time he spoke. Couldn’t waste the opportunity To place another poke Around the necks of Makers of love Kept them down with Mighty frowns and Reminders, they are victims.

Tons Of China In A Bull Shop

Gums were flapping Like they might take flight. Didn’t really matter if they flapped Wrong or right. They just kept flapping Night after night. Until the real problem was So far outa sight. Flapping became the thing.

Didn’t See The Gate Until The Bloody Thing Closed

It was an uncivil war Fought in uncivil times. Fought behind paper masks Outside and yes, inside. Fought by phone and QR code At tables and doors. A mask with no code means It’s outside with yours. They fight like a Karen. All happy they’re sharing Their point of view. And, couldn’t you Try to […]

Boy, They Hung A Licking On the Loosh Maker!

The dude complained Like no tomorrow. The whine oozed from him. Such savory sorrow! The pain he hid in squinted eyes. Hard clenched butt cheeks and To his surprise. The suffering did not produce more wise. It only caused more pain.

No Baby, No Babies.

An end to coincidence. No synchronicity. No chance to meet each other. No movies they could see. No fancy restaurant dinners. No late night toasts at bars. No bare face to admire. Some wore their masks in cars. No hey, I sat beside you! At last week’s hockey game. No yes, l saw you in […]

When You Love Life, You Don’t Just Love Life.

Join the moo-vement. Leave the gov-ment Whom are hell bent On your destruction. Cause leaving fucks them. And no one leaves.

Breaker Breaker One Nine

The boss was not the boss. The boss was at a loss. The boss prepared to toss Us under a bus But some of us Would not bend down So the boss found A bus he could crawl under. We saw boss and we wondered. Why not inside? The boss could drive… Unless he weren’t […]

Goblin Loosh

Not Today SATAN! The old fuck said. Well, he didn’t say it But the cap on his head Made damn sure that everyone read. The Loosh buffet is CLOSED, motherfuckers!

When The Right Side Wins

Day after day, the ribs came out. Standing in shit, too weak to shout. If they could though, they would warn lookout! The winners are coming for you!

God Had No Backs

This house is your castle. Lord help those who hassle A man in his castle but One day you sold it and Wouldn’t you know it That home went away. Like, castles don’t stay In awareness any more Than the fashion you wore Last decade adorned you Now closeted, warn you Don’t throw me away! […]

Oh Canada

The youngest guy With the stupidest socks. Dude is acting like He don’t suck rocks and Round that fye-er, All us chanting. You be wisps and Spirits decanting. No, to ranting. You have lost your way.