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This Is What Hacking The Future Looks Like

When she called him a stupid cunt He didn’t call her a stupid cunt back. He knew silence was golden. The best move? Tip his hat. See, guilt, he knew, Was made inside. And the mobile part was Ten miles wide. One could build an empire Just with little-old this: Let ’em blast all nasty […]

You Can’t Spin Your Wheels And Keep Your Plates Spinning Too

One plate balanced on a stick Is tough enough. To keep on that stick. Two plates on two sticks and See how much you bit Off and there’s no time cause Here comes plate number three! These plates don’t see. You can’t do three! Who would believe… You will do more. Way more than four…

Safely Trapped

He was predictably hungry. Eating that fence. Could he get out before The baddies came hence? Eat a little hole. Just enough to get out. But do it real quietly. The baddies are about. Waiting for your re-lease. The baddies want your out.  

Move Like You’re Made Of Fluid

Tommy was a big bagga shit. Buthe was used to it. Waddle ovet there. Shinny uppa stair. Splash himseff down. Boilin’ point is found. Naw dig yourself a hookin’ point or Vapor out now.  

Banks Give Two Shits And One Is Not For You.

Mama sent Billie to the corner store. The beggars were outa bread. Billie said, Mama, I had to pay anyway! That’s what the storekeep said. Paying for bread when there ain’t no bread?! Mama couldn’t figure like the storekeep did. She paid and breadless Billie came home…   Will that be cash or charge? The […]

You’re Made Of Straw Man

They said the bank account was his. Then they took it. They said he should mind his biz. Then they took it. They made the world turn. They made the climate burn. They made the people yearn For More man! Mormon! Gives us some chore man! So we get to heaven cause This. Ain’t. It. […]

Garbage Collector Addicts

She couldn’t pass by a yard sale. Useless shit had her name on it. Too gooda deals… With her name… Written all over that shit. Didn’t have room for it. Squeezed her out bit by bit. Shit over here. Shit over there. Gettin’ marked up cause The storers don’t care. They got their own shit. […]

Cheat To Win Or No Winning

Make it for a buck but sell for ten. You’re a good fellow, you. You a millionaire but your people poor. They can’t do this too. Not enough money when the money’s made. Can’t pay principle and interest, yay? The money don’t exist so it Can’t be paid. No matter what is sayed. The game […]

You’re Not As Big As You Think

Step outside naked in minus thirty. You won’t last that long. Walk thru the wild with big, clenched fists. In no time you’ll be gone. Stroll one day with the hot, hot sun. With skin so crisp you could come undone. You can’t cry, there’s no tears to run. But buddy, you’re changing the weather! […]

Rewriting Yesterday

At times he was an asshole. At others a great guy. No one thought to wonder How this was or why. Was he really just an asshole? Or was asshole in all guys? Perhaps I was the asshole here Assholing up mankind. Arrive like yin and leave like yang. Come on buddy, do your thang! […]

Mickey Projector

He was a flash in the pan. The come as Iran. The Mickey Mouse man. The new happen-nan. But no also ran. No never began. No not happen-nan. No you’re not my friend. No we start again. We just say.

He Saw These Timelines

Wanna start fresh. New Davey Koresh. But without his mesh wit Authority. Be da Davey, see. That goes freely. Maybe no kids shot. ATF not bought by Cristy Anne. With Her new plan To lengthen The span of control. That’s how we roll.  

Don’t Stop Wit Dem Baby Steps

Squeeze in a rep here. Don’t stop moving there. People can’t see you in your Underwear or it’s Not called underwear. But you maybe do not care. You sits dare and Oggles Cause your goggles Ain’t a tuned inta dare. But dare you. Push through. You will find out dare… That dare is no dare. […]

Laws In The State Of Obfuscation

You can lie a wee, wee bit. But not too much. You can say that there’s a Santa. When there’s no such. You can say that voting counts. You can say as pressure mounts That you never promised shit! Had nothing to do with it! If they don’t shaddapp you’ll quit! Then get something On […]

Frayed Not

He heard that the world was ending. Or at least his world was ending and They’d be sending him out the room The room where everything looks Like this. He could kiss this real Goodbye and maybe try to See this new real. This really-real deal. That leap plus yesterday leads here T’was the future […]

My God Goof, Use That Shame!

Ain’t wantin’ no shit from No one’s mouth ‘cept Inside my own head. You hear whut I said?! Voices?! Slewfoot, you bastard! I thought you wuz out there! But your underwear and Mine are the same size! Same eyes! Realized that You are IN me! Now I see I gotta fight you from my heart! […]

Paul Ain’t The Real McCartney And I Ain’t The Real Me

Holy shit you can trade places! Change faces! Displace yourself! No one will tell. They’ll ask you Are you well? You wink cause You won’t tell. You’ve learned that Shit don’t sell. So, you cruise thru. You being you. As the you they knew As you.  

Heaven Is Hexagonal

Translucent walls, each with a door. Cells of life with a live neighbor. They swim thru space Sometimes crashing. Still can’t figure Teeth a’ knashing People bashing the Hands of time saying Turn back now! Don’t care how! Just Do it. Do it! Do it! But, time won’t turn back. Give it all your flack. […]

Livin’ It Up In The Hallway

See, existence ain’t just life and To live is a part of existing. Pick your room. Enter woomb. Big bam-boom! You see soon but Sheeoot! What was it I was thinking? Must be cause I’s drinking. People round me winking. Is this room just thinking? I can wink out? I can wink in? But the […]

They Came. They Saw. They Took It Bloody ALL!

Tomato prices went through the roof. Causa evil marijuana. Liquor sales nearly went poof! Causa evil marijuana. You hada look harder for a bar fight. Found yer car easy by daylight. Where’sa big head in the morn, right? Momma’s okay, she ain’t uptight. Time a go back buddy Got a light? Ya, thinkin’ on it […]

Contents: Cancer

He was a mind reader When there weren’t one. He baked shit With no sun. Shot shit. With no gun. He was some one. In his own game. It was not the same. He was really playing. From out there. Past attention there’s no mention. Of the penchant for games. They’re one and the same […]

Talking Senseemeelian

Squeek and scratch and point by ear. They want you to go right here. But they don’t say so. So you don’t dare go. Now that they know Ya hear ’em.    


They came for the monay. From the land of Milked and Phonay. Didn’t gives two shits ’bout Came before. They ignore. Open door. They go around. Their lies abound. Plans unsound. Don’t start from scratch. They make their batch Starting from millions. Maybe zillions. Not about you. Not about me. All about them. All about […]

When It’s Bad Or Worse

He hit the haystack at fitty. Like a soft brick wall. Took one car length afore Momentum stalled. Kick-kick-kicked a door open. Ass out hauled. Told a future wife stay Here and she avowed ‘Til death to us part! He said I’ma go ‘N git the tractor! I’ll come back fer! Ya stay rat dare! […]

Swirlin’, Swirlin’, Into The Bowl Of Poop.

Dem plants, dey grow from Da side not facin’ Da light. Dey stretch away from Da endless night. No one to tell dem Dey just do dis, aight? And plants ain’t know no shit Bout. No. Damn. Int’rest!    

The Truth Will Set You REEEEEE!

T’was the night before Christmas. If you are Christy Anne. If you aren’t, then you’re pissed. That the stores ain’t op-en. But theny-then. You remember that your shit Could be mistaken. Maybe Christmas and calendars And high priced scarce data Aren’t as real as portrayed With a value near nada. Still, they fool us and […]

The Lord Swings Both Ways

God was a lazy son-a-bitch. If he was manifested in Mitch. Cause Mitch don’t give a shit. He wants no piece of it. He doesn’t even care what IT is. But God, he just can’t do shit. Lease, can’t do shit thru Mitch.  

The Good Gland

Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep. Cause mine don’t work Like buddy the jerk Who called me a troll And that name’s toll Sent me on a roll That pushed my soul Aside. So me and buddy collide. I tell him open your ass wide I […]