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Someone Is KILLED Every 12 Days In Saskatchewan By Cannabis… NOT!

  Sweet Jesus protect us! From this evil weed! Jesus, we need you To super-supercede. And inhale their exhale To free us from their deed. They want us. They need us. To c’mon, c’mon, BLEED! Barry Oh shit ya, weed is waaaaaaaay worse than working! Jeepers Man!! Mission Zero MY ASS! Source:   […]

Lawyers Ro And Sham And Bo

You damn right, we’ll disagree. You’ll shake your fist and glare at me. And me, I’ll toss some paper at you. Or maybe scissors, or a rock will do… Barry   Stefan Molyneux Islam Is So Low IQ Because They Marry Their Cousins

A Different Color From The Same Flashlight

A signal, but no one’s there. Why we even have to care is as Scary as the way that shit became The way it is. It’s an old story but that’s biz. You work to remain stable and you can until you’re able To see that this normal ain’t as normal as it seems. It […]

Pull It Out

You don’t know shit And you know it. You’re faking it all the way. Nodding your head, making eye contact. Hoping that you don’t say *** I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about! My head is way up my ass. If you think I know what I’m talking about You must be high […]

Boredom As A Business

  There were lotsa pills for anxiety. And pills for feeling blue. There were pills for fear and omnipotence. And pills to make you you. How ’bout drinks to give yourself energy? Or some drinks with happy inside? You could drink to soften your stool. Or get an ass two axe handles wide. You might […]

When You Represent Yourself

  You don’t look like anybody. If anything, they look like you. There is only one of you and To that one you must be true. You can think for yourself. Make up your own damn mind. You be the one who winds you up and You do the big unwind. Look at yourself as […]

You Can’t Be Yourself Until You Imagine Whom You Are

  Save your imagination. Not for a rainy day. Save your imagination or It will blow away. Another breeze will take it. Swirl it unto it’s own. Soon your imagination Will have completely blown Off course. You won’t be able to find it. Hell, you won’t even look. You won’t notice it missing Or identify […]


  Forgiveness is a thing. A thing some people sell. They say cut some slack To those whom lack The need to treat you well. Subservience is a thing. A thing some people do. They try it on and act it out and They encourage you To follow their lead Even if their lead Is […]

Choose Your Chaos Or Your Chaos Will Chose You

  You’ll not do it! Organized you… Point the direction of every shoe. You’ll not do it! It will drive you and You’ll be forced to Boil inside, You will stew and How else you gonna Do it? Organized you… That place where the rubber meets the road? Rubber placed by fast stops and fast […]

Get Good At Spotting Dem Tipping Points

  Only an ass would say what you said. Buddy, take five, are you losing your head? You said it’s ah-ight if Fred’s dead in his bed. Well he’s not, he’s right here and now old Fred sees red. He’s pissed ’cause your pissed and if you weren’t then him too. You burned him on, […]

I Don’t Miss You That Much Five

Born into the wrong family Can be a nasty thing. You hate your name Namesakes, too. And everything else they bring. You didn’t fit in. Maybe still don’t. Captain of the world Five, Got your own haunt. Barry

Don’t Think You Can Change Your Life? Why Don’t You Kill Yourself And See?

  Wrist slitting isn’t necessary. You won’t have to take no pills. Don’t got to swallow that shotgun We got the stuff that kills. Don’t jam your head in a toilet. No need to swing by a rope. We got a little magical death This shit works faster than dope. Why don’t you worry about […]

Mama Fibs A Lot About The Ghostie Guys

She said be good now Barry ’cause Santa’s watching. I didn’t touch myself that night. Just the thought of me ‘n Santa alone in the bathroom Shit didn’t feel quite right. But mama said shit was real, so it was. How was I, a kid, to know? When mama said this or that was true […]

Sonofabitch! The Brutal Truth!

You are a body rider only Like a well trained horse, you control your body to a certain extent, and that body allows you to ride it. Cry about it’s size or weight, your body doesn’t care. Sonofabitch will shit your pants and cramp you not to mention projectile vomit. Even caring people that treat […]

The Clever Ones Needed An Infinite Fence

He said, you will be into sports. Or religion. Or booze. Or trucks. Maybe you’ll be into gambling. Your life will be based on luck. You will be hooked on fashion. On speed and controlling the climate. Yes, you’ll be loving that travel. And power even if you’re buyin’ it. You could be snagged by […]

The Path Will Beat You Back

  Said, kids, don’t follow my footsteps. I bin walkin’ backwards for some time. Was losing myself, or so I thought. ‘Til I came upon my own back-side. So loop if you want to follow but Lean to the right a bit. ‘Cause your circle of concern will widen Only if you hit the ditch. […]

A Reactor With Your Name On It

  Don’t you dare mention Fukushima. Fukushima… Fukushima! Shut your trap about Fukushima! Radiation. Cancer Clinics. Say it’s the flu. Say it’s a cold. Put that Fukushima shit on hold! Barry   Japan Already Nuked North Korea Just Ask Toshiba

Captain Fear Was In The Lock Biz

  Lawyers, we need ’em. Don’t you fret. And when sumbitch won’t pay his bet then Get one on the horn and In a minute or two, That damn lawyer will sue for you. He’ll roast ’em on a spit and The beggar won’t quit until You go an call the dawgs off. But for […]

Take Your Seat In The Collective Unconscious

  Little one misses her papa. Mama misses papa, too. Papa’s at work in a job he hates but What’s a poor papa to do? Papa works hard for his family. Even though he stays away. The very damn thing that papa wants Keeps him distant from it every day. Little one loves her papa. […]

There’s A Sin-chronicity and Synchronicity

  You call it what you will. It is happening still. You can’t avoid it. Can’t destroy it. Should enjoy it but Sadly, you avert your eyes. Barry

Let The Bastards Say No!

  Jesus, he jumped this fence before… Do they never stop cutting up land?! Cause he jumped and jumped and jumped some more. Jumped when he coulda made a stand. But why run then? you might ask. He’d say, they’re chasing is why. So he ran and jumped and ran and jumped. Same as any […]

You Got Your Higher Ups

  It was tippy-toe time… Baby does what momma wants. Momma does what daddy wants. Daddy hates his new soop, John. John can’t stand vice president Ron. Ron would love to strangle his mother-in-law Dawn. Dawn knows Ron hates her but how she fake fawns! Ron’s wife was her sister whom she knows belongs In […]

When You’re Too Much For Just One Person

  You must come to your senses. They will not come to you! You must look and look again and look again. And look again. And look again real hard while praying… Praying real hard you find ’em! Barry  

Whom Is The Primer Of Your Pumpy Pump Pump?

  How do you know when you’ve fallen asleep? Do you pinch yourself from the inside deep? Will you let that dawg lethargy creep And gum up your works until Dumb is sweet or Is there a bull to grab by the horns? Ya got some band-aids for these bloody thorns? How’s another look besides […]

If Fear Catches Me

  He didn’t want to be But he was, alone. Even his third man factor had gone. The wind bit his face. Dawgs on his arse. Getting was good but the good was sparse. Damning the torpedoes. Ziggin’ on the zag. Climbin’ out the box when it isn’t his bag. Barry

If You Come Late To The Game It’s Still A Game

  Sports for your entertainment. A language for your entertainment. A promise for your entrainment. They yell Hey Asshole! (don’t turn around) They ignite hassle. (you’re mortgage bound) Do as directed. (don’t fool around) Make your mind theirs (or you will be ground) Into dust. You’ll be busted. A person not trusted. They will have […]

God Is Watching You. Man’s In Space And If You Lie Big There’s No Disgrace!

  He said Ya, right there, I feel something too! What it is and what it do? He wondered if others felt this too? Then a name came to him… Call it Voodoo. Or maybe call it love. Or home sickness. Maybe name the land and Let the citizens bless The ground they walk on. […]

Satan! You’ll Take What I Give You!

  Lucifer don’t bounce no checks. Got a million accounts who will. And Beelzebub will spill your guts Guts spilled in cringe-worthy swill. Ah guilt! You feel THAT!? Anxiety too?! Oh man, Old Slew foot, he love you! Barry

It’s Just A Step To The Left

  There’s a cycle and you are in it. Lunar, circadian. You might be Canadian. Ultra, ultradian. There you go, you say it again! Quick now, stick to your march! Make your way through Human Dead Arch. Remember though, as you go, Whether it be fast or slow, You’re cycling through the moment… whoa! Barry

Unproductive Extrapolation

  Let’s say your world falls apart. A couple of times a year. Would you hang your hat from the highest tree? Or would you quietly disappear? If you lived through one fall Could you build on that? Could you find a higher tree to Hang your hat? Or would you say I’ve had it! […]